Far off the western edge of any map lives a people unlike any other
in the Known World. Only a scant few sailors have ever ventured
so far, and those that have bring back tales of great verdant forests,
impossibly tall mountains, rolling plains, and terrible monsters. But
none are more popular or fantastic than those of the shapeshifters.
These travelers claim some people can assume the form of man
or beast. Wolf-men, cat-people, and more walk side-by-side with
ordinary humans. Most dismiss such stories as tall tales, but those
who know of the shapeshifters swear that they exist.

If the legends are true, shapeshifters have dark skin that ranges in
tone from deep brown all the way to ebony. They wear their black or
brown hair long, framing their pleasant features and striking eyes.
They are well formed and graceful, favoring loose and comfortable
clothing for the ease it offers in assuming their varied forms.

Shapeshifters are a magical people, and so they tend towards the
masque, witch or initiate classes. However, they are just as likely to follow
the path of the warrior or skulk, becoming beastmasters, barbarians, fighters, toughs, or

In addition to being human, Shapeshifters have the following traits.

Select one of the following: Animal Affinity, Appealing, or Stealthy.

All shapeshifters gain the shapechanger subtype.
When first created, the shapeshifter selects one of the following
forms. (Other options may be available in addition to those listed
below, as determined by your GM). The form selected grants benefits,
as detailed on the chart:

Form Creature Ability Mod. Special
Bird Owl +2 Wis +4 ethnicity bonus to Perception and Stealth checks
Cat Cat +2 Cha +2 ethnicity bonus to Athletics and Stealth checks
Dog Dog +2 Con Scent ability
Snake Small viper +2 Dex Poisonous Bite—injury; save Fort DC 10 + ½ shapeshifter’s Hit Dice + shapeshifter’s Con modifier frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con; cure 1 save.

A shapeshifter may transform into the selected form (using the
statistics of the listed creature) and back again a number of times
each day equal to the shapeshifter’s Charisma bonus. This ability
functions exactly as the druid’s wild shape ability, except that she
may only transform into the selected creature.

Native tongue. Bonus Languages: Any (except secret languages).

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