The S’danzo are a dispersed people with a strong cultural identity,
regardless of the fact that they have no homeland of their own. They are
vagabonds and wanderers, mistrusted wherever they travel and frequently
discriminated against (sometimes violently so). They worship no gods,
preferring to practice a religion based mostly on superstition, luck, and
the manipulation of fate.
S’danzo men and women rarely intermingle, and the sexes are strictly
divided. Male S’danzo engage in “men’s work,” restricted to earning
money through action alone, rather than producing items for sale or
engaging in a skilled trade. This frequently leads to lives of idleness and
crime, doing nothing for their reputations. Women typically raise their
families, making their livings by telling fortunes, soothsaying, and other
(mostly fraudulent) “arts.”
Despite the fact that marriages between S’danzo men and women are
rarely happy, the culture has managed to persist for centuries. It is a
culture of ethnic purity, with custom demanding S’danzo marriages
between S’danzo men and women. Relationships with non-S’danzo are
a terrible disgrace, leading to shunning or even outright hostility. Male
S’danzo have some leeway in this matter, as most men see all women
as fair game for their romantic advances. Although the S’danzo are
perfectly fluent in local languages, they often choose to speak their own
language, unintelligible to suvesh (non-S’danzo). This allows them to
communicate plainly with one another while excluding strangers from
their conversations completely.

S’danzo are short, with round faces, dark eyes, and curly black hair. Young
S’danzo women are beautiful and exotic, though they grow rounder with
age. (It seems that with roundness comes rudeness as well.) S’danzo men
have a penchant for seeing themselves as great lovers, and more than a few
are both handsome and charming enough to make good on such claims.

The S’danzo reputation for thievery and deception is not entirely
undeserved, for they make excellent thieves and assassins. S’danzo bards,
masques, and initiates practice their subtle magic as they tell the fortunes
of their customers. Violent action against these vagabonds is common, and
so enforcers, fighters, and toughs are popular among S’danzo men who wish
to defend their people against such bigotry.

In addition to the standard human traits, S’danzo have the following .

Select one of the following: Deceitful, Deft Hands, or Sighted.

Due to events within their cultural past, the S’danzo do not worship
gods. Those S’danzo who choose to worship a god or divine patron are
outcasts from their own kind, and may never develop any measure of
ability with the Sight.

Most other cultures see the S’danzo as vagabonds, liars, and thieves. When
dealing with suvesh(non-S’danzo), S’danzo characters take a –2 penalty
on Diplomacy checks when recognized as S’danzo.

It is for good reason that S’danzo are possessed of such a tarnished reputation
among the other cultures of the world. As such, a S’danzo character gains a
+6 ethnicity bonus on skill checks, which he can divide as he likes between
any of the following: Bluff, Gamble, Stealth or Thievery.

S’danzo. Bonus Languages: Caronnese, Ilsigi, Irrune, Rankene, Trade Tongue.



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