The Mageguild Powerful and well trained mages
The Caronnese and Cirdon Master Merchants Guild Various merchants from Cirdon have aligned themselves with Caronne, creating a trading guild whose negotiation techniques and ability to traverse the lands of the Known World are unmatched.
The Red Lanterns The Red Lanterns recruit men and women who seek to legitimize their occupation, be they simple streetwalkers or high-class escorts.
The Steelshapers Using magic and extreme devotion to their skill, the Steelshapers create incredible works of art upon their anvils.

Criminal Organizations
The Sanctuary Crime Lords The heads of various gangsters, slavers, pirates, and other scoundrels.

Magical Organizations
The Adepts of the Blue Star Magic-users sworn to stand on the side of Order, and to fight in that last battle against Chaos.
The Nisibisi witches
The Spellmasters Magical champions fighting evil.
The Scholars in Crimson The Scholars in Crimson are an isolated organization that operate
a library and scriptorium near Lirt. Devoted to the study and exploration of true names, they hoard the writings of nearly every civilization and pore over dusty manuscripts and ancient tomes to find the Ur-words that comprised the language of creation.

Peace Keepers
The Sharda
The Sanctuary Guard
The Sanctuary Watch
The Hell Hounds A Brutal Mercenary Guard whose name and training came out of the Rankan military organization of the same name.
The Crimson Brigade

Noble Houses
The Serripines

Nations and Cultures
The Ilsigi
The Firaqan
The Irrune
The Rankan Empire
The Raggah
The S’danzo

Belief Systems
The Dyareelans
The Healers of Meshpri Magical Healers
The Commonwealth Dedicated to the values of labor, community, and obedience


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