Character Creation

Purchase your attributes. You have 15 points to do so with.

Score Points
7 –4
8 –2
9 –1
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 10
17 13
18 17

Afterwards, select one score. It receives a +2. All of your other scores receive a +1.

Select your Culture. A culture grants:

1. A bonus feat
2. Special rules or modifiers for a character of this culture.
3. Starting Languages
4. And of course, some description of what kind of person your character is, or at least the culture they come from.

The Mixed Ancestry feat allows you to start with two cultures.

Select your Background. A background grants:

1. A +2 to two skills
2. An age modifier
3. A special background trait that describes any special rules governing the background and
any other mechanical changes to the character.
4. It also helps you flesh out the livelihood your character had before the game started.

The Multitalented feat allows you to start with two backgrounds.

Select your Allegiances. These determine with whom you are aligned, to whom you are loyal to, and from whom you gain resources and support.

Determine the various aspects of your personality. These help you to flesh out your character, and additionally, allow you to gain Fate Points, Action Points, and XP.

  1. Moral Code
  2. Shortcomings
  3. Desires
  4. Conflicts
  5. Milestones

Next, spend your XP. You begin the game with 9,500 XP. Assume that you will be spending most of these, for an ECL of 4. To see the ways in which you can spend your XP, see Spending XP.

Determine all of the character’s Other mechanical details, such as his or her saving throws, skill modifiers, and attack values. All of these numbers are determined by the decisions made in previous steps.

Determine your character’s Contacts.

Flesh out any remaining details. Your done!
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Character Creation

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