Aurvesh is located between Sanctuary and Twand. It fell to Ranke around the same time that both Ilsig and Sanctuary were overwhelmed by the Rankan legions. The majority of the countryside consists of barren steppes, punctuated by verdant areas fed by rivers and streams. These green belts are renowned for their vineyards, and Aurvesh produces some of the finest wines in the world.
The people of Aurvesh are descended from nomadic tribes that eventually settled in the greener areas of their land. They are a mild folk, not taken to flights of fancy or extremes of emotion. They take the good and the bad with equal amounts of stoicism, and are unlikely to betray their inner feelings no matter what the circumstances. This leads some people to assume the folk of Aurvesh are unfriendly, but this is hardly the case. Hospitality is an honored tradition among the Aurveshan, who even extend such charity to their enemies.

The people of Aurvesh have a sallow cast, with pale blue or gray eyes and dark hair. Their faces are flat, with high cheekbones and pointed chins. The average Aurveshan is long-boned, and lanky to the point of being gangly. Even though their thin bodies give them the illusion of great height, Aurveshan men are rarely taller than 5 feet 9 inches.

The Aurveshan demeanor, which strikes many as emotionless and cold, fits well with occupations that often perform questionable deeds, and Aurvesh produces successful warriors, thieves, and (especially) assassins. Aurveshan are drawn to such professions by their pragmatism, self-awareness, and self-control more than any apparent lack of conscience.

Sense Motive

A strong degree of self-control gives Aurveshan characters a +2 ethnicity bonus on saves against enchantment spells and effects. In addition, anyone attempting to use the Sense Motive skill against an Aurveshan character takes a –2 penalty on the check.

Aurveshan. Bonus Languages:Ilsigi, Raggah, Rankene, Trade Tongue, Twandan.

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