Other mechanical details

HP determines how much damage you can take before you go down.

  1. First, roll all of your HD (Hit Dice). Treat any roll of 1 as a 2.
  2. Next, multiple your Constitution Modifier by your ECL.
  3. Now, add those values together, and add in the number of ranks you have in the Endurance Skill, plus your Constitution Score.

In essence: (HD Rolls) + (Constitution Modifier X ECL) + (Ranks in Endurance Skill) + (Constitution Score) = Your HP

Damage Threshold
Your damage threshold determines how much damage you can take before you really feel the effects. To determine your DT, add your Constitution Score and Level, plus any other Misc. Modifiers.

At character creation you can speak a number of languages equal to your intelligence modifier. You must select from a list provided by your culture. Being capable of reading the languages requires you to spend ranks in Linguistics.

Action Points and Fate Points
You start the game with 3 fate points and 7 action points.

Determine your Conviction
Your conviction is used to resist social maneuvers. It is equal to:
10 + ECL + Charisma Mod + Wisdom Mod + Misc

Other mechanical details

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