Leveling Up

A character advances in level as soon as he earns enough experience points to do so—typically, this occurs at the end of a game session, when your GM hands out that session’s experience point awards.

Unlike normal games, in Thieves World, class levels do not carry with them their standard benefits.

Adding a level generally gives you new class abilities. When adding new levels of an existing class or adding levels of a new class (see Multiclassing, below), make sure to take the following steps in order. First, select your new class level. You must be able to qualify for this level before any of the following adjustments are made. Second, integrate all of the level’s class abilities.

Unlike the standard game, you do not gain the following when you gain a level:

  • Feats
  • Skill Points
  • Hit Dice
  • An Ability Score increase

There are certain inherent problems that creep into game play when a system that was originally designed to have class as a part of it suddenly has class yanked out of it. For example, what if a player is trying to decide whether the effect of a spell can affect their character based on the number of Hit Dice they have? Since Hit Dice in this system will be bought as desired instead of gained every level, Hit Dice no longer becomes a legitimate means for determining the ability of a power or spell to effect a character.

In this case, and cases like it, in place of determining a character’s Hit Dice, it is easiest to find their effective character level based on the amount of total experience that they have spent. Then, treat that result as the number of Hit Dice that a character would have when considering the effect of spells and power effects. In cases where total Hit Dice is the determining factor, this system will always use effective character level instead.

Additionally, certain class abilities talk about class level and character level. Character level is your Effective Character Level, and remains the same in all cases. Simply compare the experience earned with the experience table and you have the character level.

Effective Character Level (ECL) Total Experience Points Spent
2 3,000
3 7,500
4 14,000
5 23,000
6 35,000
7 53,000
8 77,000
9 115,000
10 160,000
11 235,000
12 330,000
13 475,000
14 665,000
15 955,000
16 1,350,000
17 1,900,000
18 2,700,000
19 3,850,000
20 5,350,000

Leveling Up

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