Relationships, Subjects, and Attitudes


A Relationship is how any party (NPCs, Guilds, Towns, and other Factions) feels towards any given PC.

A relationship is only begun if the other party knows of them. Once they’ve even met the person, a relationship is begun.

The initial relationship score is determined as follows:

  • The PC’s Charisma Mod
  • The PC’s Modifier to their Reputation score
  • +1 if their Background is same
  • +1 if their Culture is the same
  • -1 or -2 if their Cultures are bitter rivals or enemies.
  • I may increase or decrease a relationship score by 1 or 2 depending on your backstory.

When a relationship is started, you can decide what kind of direction you’d like it to go: Friendship or Rivalry. It is certainly possible to have a positive relationship score with a rival, or a negative one with a friendly relationship. This can represent you screwing up the friendship, or a level of respect that your rival has for you.

You can raise or lower the relationship score once a week. You must interact with the other party in question to change the score. Use Diplomacy to Increase the score with genuine conversation, use Bluff to raise or decrease a score when you don’t actually believe what you are saying, and use Intimidate to lower a score, or Increase a rival’s score (if you’d like). The DC for this check is equal to their Conviction + your current relationship score with them.

The other party’s attitude towards the PC dictates what kind of bonus the PC gains to checks made against the party. Be careful! A bonus becomes a penalty when using Intimidate, and a penalty becomes a bonus when using Intimidate.

Attitude toward PC PC’s Social Skill Modifier Score
Intimate +10 31+
Best Friend +7 21 to 30
Friend +5 13 to 20
Ally +3 6 to 12
Positive Acquaintance +1 1 to 5
Just Met 0 0
Negative Acquaintance -1 -1 to -5
Antagonist -3 -6 to -12
Enemy -5 -13 to -20
Personal Foe -7 -21 to -30
Nemesis -10 -31 or lower

The other party (and your character!) also has attitudes towards any given subject. These can have similar bonuses or penalties, depending on how the PC uses the subject in question when trying to influence the other party. A person that adores tobacco, for example, will be quite happy when it is given that as a gift, and unhappy when it is taken away from them, or possibly even disrespected. Another example might be an NPC that loves the moon, and by talking about the moon in a positive light, the PC may gain a bonus, but if they talked badly about it, they may gain a negative.

Attitude towards subject Social Skill Modifier
Adore it +5
Love it +3
Like it +1
Don’t Care 0
Dislike it -1
Hate it -3
Despise it -5

When leveling up
When you level up, you receive a number of points equal to 1 + your Charisma modifier (if positive) + The PC’s Modifier to their Reputation score to increase your relationships with.

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Relationships, Subjects, and Attitudes

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